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Robert Latino
Robert Latino
Trey was very professional. He made sure I understood his assessment, and the actions he was taking as a result. He provided me pics so I could better visualize what he was talking about. I’m optimistic the leak I was experiencing is now sealed.
Christy Hanzlik
Christy Hanzlik
I reached out to RVA Roofing Services, and other local roofing companies, for bids on our company roof. Other companies quoted us $15,000 and up to replace our current roof, but Wayne with RVA Roofing Serv. was very knowledgeable, and explained why we did not need an entire new roof. RVA Roofing Serv. gave us a quote much lower and reasonable for what we actually needed. Once we approved the quote and were ready to proceed, Wayne was able to complete the job within days. Every interaction with RVA Roofing Services has been professional with a quick response time. We will be giving their name out to others in the future.
Dallas Lauchner
Dallas Lauchner
They did a great job on my mother's new roof! Buddy, the foreman, kept me up on each step of the way and did a lot of extra things to make it as painless as possible for my Mom. Thank you!
Katherine Plucinski
Katherine Plucinski
Great initial estimate experience - very informative, timely, and professional!
Larry Butterfield
Larry Butterfield
Trae was extremely polite and knowledgeable. Look forward to working with him in the future
Mary Middleton
Mary Middleton
Prompt, professional service for my roof. Now I have peace of mind Many thanks!
Leroy Moody
Leroy Moody
Today our roof was serviced by a true professional. The Roof Maxx representative was courteous, respectful, responsible, informative, and thorough. I am often asked, would you recommend our services to someone else. Not only would I recommend this service, but I would want people like Trae working representing me if I were a business owner.
Kaiya Baldwin
Kaiya Baldwin
Trey was Amazon he was very informative of what’s going on and what we should do truly recommend 10/10
Ann LeMire
Ann LeMire
Wonderful company! Very Trae was very knowledgeable and explained the entire process of my issue. Excellent service and would recommend to anyone.

How to Fix a Leaking Roof

Experiencing a leaking roof can be a significant concern for any homeowner. It’s not just about the inconvenience; a leaking roof can lead to more serious issues like damage to your home’s structure and increased repair costs. However, with some basic knowledge and the right set of tools, most homeowners can tackle this challenge on their own. This article will guide you through the steps to identify, repair, and prevent roof leaks.

Why It’s Crucial to Address a Leaking Roof

Ignoring a leaking roof can lead to several problems. Water intrusion can cause mold growth, which poses health risks, and rot in wooden structures, leading to weakening of your home’s foundation. Moreover, leaks can compromise your home’s insulation, causing higher energy bills. Fixing a leak promptly can help you avoid these issues and save money.

Identifying the Signs of a Leaking Roof

To fix a leak, you first need to know you have one. Here are some tell-tale signs:

  • Water stains or discoloration on ceilings or walls.
  • Musty odors in certain areas of your home.
  • Shingles that are missing, broken, or curled up.
  • Damaged or missing flashing (the metal strips that seal gaps on your roof).
  • Pooled water or continuous dripping from the ceiling.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing the Leak

Step 1: Locating the Leak

Finding the source is often the most challenging part. Water can travel far from the original entry point. Look for visible signs of damage on your roof, but remember, the actual leak might be located elsewhere.

Step 2: Gather Necessary Tools and Materials

You’ll need:

  • A sturdy ladder and safety harness.
  • Roofing cement and roofing nails.
  • Hammer and putty knife.
  • Roofing tar.
  • Replacement shingles and flashing, if necessary.

Step 3: Repairing the Damaged Area

Safety first: use your ladder and harness to get onto your roof safely. Then:

  1. Clear debris and old roofing material from the damaged area.
  2. Apply roofing cement to secure loose shingles or flashing.
  3. For holes, cover them with metal flashing, securing them with nails.
  4. Apply an extra layer of roofing cement for added protection.

Step 4: Replacing Shingles or Flashing

If shingles or flashing are damaged beyond repair:

  1. Remove the damaged pieces.
  2. Clean the area.
  3. Apply roofing cement, place the new shingle or flashing, and secure it with nails.
  4. Seal with additional roofing cement.

Step 5: Gutter Maintenance

Ensure gutters are clean and clear of debris to prevent water from backing up and causing leaks.

Preventing Future Leaks

Maintenance is key:

  • Regularly inspect your roof and attic for damage or signs of leaks.
  • Keep gutters clean.
  • Trim tree branches that could damage your roof.
  • Consider professional inspections for a thorough assessment.

When to Give us a Call

DIY can be rewarding, but sometimes it’s safer and more efficient to call in the experts, especially if:

  • The leak’s source is hard to find.
  • The damage requires complex repairs.
  • You’re uncomfortable working on the roof.
  • You lack the necessary tools.
  • Accessing the roof safely is a concern.


Repairing a leaking roof can seem daunting, but with this guide, you’re equipped to handle it. Regular inspection and maintenance, along with timely repairs, can keep your roof in good shape, preventing more significant issues down the line.

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